About Us

With nearly 40 years of combined industry experience, the Parks team has extensive knowledge in the critical operations and oversight of projects from the pre-planning phase of budgeting, bidding, and resource planning through the construction and turnover phase.

Their real-world onsite project and senior-level management experience brings a deep understanding of the project deal points, a sharp focus on cost and schedule management and adherence, and critical problem-solving and risk management skills.

Solution-Minded Partner

Parks Construction Consultants is a solution-minded partner for contractors, owners, developers, designers, and construction attorneys. Having an in-depth knowledge of the various and complex issues that exist, both company and project specific, Parks is a trusted and reliable resource. 

By developing, implementing, and executing processes for project management and risk mitigation, Parks collaborates with clients to provide guidance in all phases of the project delivery. Where necessary, Parks also works seamlessly with clients to develop detailed preventative measures to avoid problems during their projects.


Parks offers operational consulting to improve profitability on a large-scale, company-wide basis by helping to refine overall company processes, or through individual project-by-project assessments to evaluate risk management, application of means and methods, project tracking and forecasting tools, and other metrics to bolster project success.

Owners and Developers

Parks can implement representative services to ensure maximum efficiency, collaborate for the most effective course of construction, and minimize unanticipated issues throughout a streamlined process encompassing preconstruction to project closeout.


Parks can provide constructability consulting to aid in the coordinated design process and minimize the potential for additional project costs and/or delays during construction.

Our Services

Parks Construction Consultants is a trusted partner that understands this industry and works closely to assist clients in the execution of:

Construction Management and Risk Mitigation
  • Project focused and issue specific
  • Tips, techniques, and best practices
  • Communication is key
Project Setup
  • Know the project; know the team; know the contract
  • Identify key constraints
  • Understand major deliverables
Budget and Cost Management
  • Budget and cost tracking
  • Forecasting completion costs
  • Change order management
Schedule Management
  • Schedule evaluation
  • Managing the critical path
  • Progress updating
  • Documenting impacts and delays
Project Controls
  • Reporting tools
  • Labor and production metrics
  • Constraint logs and tracking
Claims Management
  • Avoidance
  • Development and analysis
  • Cost quantification
  • Real-time documentation

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Chad J. Van Arnam has 22 years of construction management, general contracting, and owners representative services experience, working collaboratively to deliver well-coordinated and complex projects in commercial and healthcare markets. As Director for Parks Construction Consultants, Chad works with clients to execute construction project management and risk management procedures and tackle complex project issues and challenges head-on across all construction segments and disciplines.

He provides operational guidance and consultation in the oversight of projects from the pre-planning phase of budgeting, bidding, and resource planning through the construction and turnover phase. Chad works seamlessly with clients in developing, updating, and managing detailed project requirements and control documents, including schedules, budgets, change orders, project meeting agendas and minutes, essential tracking logs, and presentation material.

Photo of David A. Elsey
Executive Manager


David A. Elsey brings 17 years of construction operational excellence to Parks Construction Consultants.  Dave has worked collaboratively over his career to effectively deliver projects in public and private commercial markets including healthcare, higher education, K-12, institutional, hospitality, retail, office space, multi-family, and more.  As Executive Manager, Dave partners with clients to execute construction project management and risk mitigation procedures.

Dave has extensive experience overseeing projects from the pre-planning phase of budgeting, bidding, and resource planning, all the way through the construction and turnover phases. He has developed and implemented processes related to project management & project engineering in all stages of construction projects from project estimating, bidding, buyout, scheduling, site logistics, project planning & documentation, job costing & reporting, labor productivity & tracking, and project punchlist & closeout.

Photo of Lori K. Christensen
Senior Manager of Operations


Lori K. Christensen brings over two decades of experience in firm management and support in various capacities to Parks Construction Consultants. She began her career in finance as a member of the executive staff of a Cleveland based financial institution before taking on management positions at several prominent Northeast Ohio companies where she was responsible for virtually all aspects of office operations.

Lori joined the Cleveland office of Hahn Loeser & Parks, LLP in 2008 where she quickly rose through the ranks to National Manager of the Construction and Real Estate Practice Groups; the firm’s two largest practice groups. As Practice Group Manager, Lori managed over 40 construction professionals across 5 offices from New York to San Diego. At Parks, she is responsible for the facilitation and approval of client intake, conflict review and evaluation, client development, coordination of industry associations and events, client and industry-based training, and financial management.